Blended Cultures FL is dedicated to supporting, promoting and marketing our clients and help them expand their reach and grow their audience. Today we are proud to present to you Monique Wooley, Owner and Manager of Litpix Picnix and LIT Logistics. Please read on and reach out to us to discover how we can showcase you as well!

​Monique Wooley, a native to Fort Myers, FL was shaped to be a forward thinking, softly spoken woman with an assertive spirit to succeed. Growing up she decided to venture outside of the borders of the safety and security that a home town offers to follow what she was summoned to do. As time went on and aspirations were being discovered, Monique found herself moving to Michigan, Chicago, and Ohio to take advantage of the educational opportunities that would prepare her to pursue and conquer her passion and career path in the medical field. Upon the completion of her goal to further her education she relocated and settled back home to Florida. With two and half decades experience in the medical field she found herself with some of the most successful community members, alongside many up and coming freshmen in their respected fields and ventures thus influencing and empowering her to blaze trails in her growth and success. Being attentive to her mentors and influences she harnessed the transfer of empowerment and followed her path into entrepreneurship.

 In 1998  she established her first successful Bio hazard cleaning business (BioClean) a crime scene cleaning company that was inspired by her environment and navigated with her expertise created by her clinical education. Time progressed and her desire to do more evolved into a partnership that began other business ventures including tackling the event entertainment industry with Litpix & Picnix that provides canvas paint bars, the assembling of luxury picnic settings, indoor and outdoor cinematic theater and a 360 photo booth to capture your events’ most memorable moments to enjoy for a lifetime. 

Since Monique is multi-talented and multi-faceted, she is also the owner of multiple businesses including Lit Logistix, a logistics company designed to assist in all the business administration for corporations, small businesses and over the road commercial vehicle conductors. Lit Logistix literally takes the load off the internal operations of your endeavors while business owners focus on their patrons, clients, contractors and the road before them. 

Monique has acquired much knowledge and understanding from her mentors, peers and life’s journey and now finds herself full speed ahead to pay it forward to her immediate community and the masses abroad that accept her graciously offered token of appreciation of all she has received and accomplished. Although Monique Wooley is an all inclusive mentor, business coach and business owner, she sets her eyes on making a special impact on minority communities in the most productive and profitable way.

“I truly believe that in life you create opportunities, you consume opportunities or you seek employment”. We believe that although all three may offer a sense of contentment, not all produce the same lifestyle and if a lifestyle change is what you seek, follow the pathfinder on the trail that was blazed by the passion, education, experience and zeal to give back. That is Monique Wooley.

You can reach Monique Wooley at 239-910-8095, monique.wooley@litlogistic.org or visit her website at: Litpixpicnix.com.

Monique Wooley

Monique Wooley

Owner / Manager


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