Blended Cultures FL is dedicated to supporting, promoting and marketing our clients and help them expand their reach and grow their audience. Today we are proud to present to you Djhulia Legiste with Dluxe Welness. Please read on and reach out to us to discover how we can showcase you as well!

Djhulia Legiste, RN-BSN, is the founder, owner and manager of Dluxe Wellness Spa Center located at 8911 Daniels Parkway Suite #6, Fort Myers, FL 33912. She grew up in beautiful Haiti and moved to Fort Myers, FL in 1995. She earned her ASN at Rasmussen College and my Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing at Excelsior College. She is also a Real Estate Agent by trade. Her medical background includes 18 years in acute care, long term care, with specialization ranging from medical-surgical nursing, Chest Pain and Cardiac Care. She has been passionate about wellness and health for most of her life and feels extremely blessed to be able to utilize her knowledge, skills and abilities to benefit her clients health, wellness and longevity. Djhulia is IV certified in nutritional IV therapy, body contouring and Lymph Drainage. She currently lives in Fort Myers, FL, with her wonderful family and enjoys helping families and friends, shopping, dancing traveling, and working.

Dluxe Wellness Spa offers you the opportunity to Reenergize, Recover and Revive through a variety of wellness, health, skincare and beauty services that are very beneficial to the skin, overall body wellbeing and mental relaxation. They are a group of professional Nurses and Estheticians who focus exclusively on providing wellness and beauty to the Southwest Florida community.

Their Mission is to provide a unique and satisfying customer experience with our delivery of a high-quality, healthy products and exceptional customer service, as well as accommodate the needs of their unique clientele, with a palatable and memorable approach. Their Vision is to deliver premium quality healthcare, using the latest medical tools and technology, backed with professional services that ensures customer satisfaction. From start to finish, Dluxe Wellness guarantees an excellent experience and every session is 100% tailored to meet your health and wellness needs. Change your Lifestyle, Be Healthy, Be Well!

You can reach Djhulia Legiste at 239-672-8899 or info@dluxewellness.com or visit his website at DluxeWellnessSpa.com. You can also find her on all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Djhulia Legiste

Djhulia Legiste

Owner / Manager

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